Restrings & Setups


Dusty guitar? Grimey fretboard? With our range of guitar cleaning products we will have your instrument looking as good as new.

As the fretboard is generally the only exposed timber on the guitar, it will often get dry over time. Keeping it hydrated will improve both the look and feel of your instrument.

If your strings are sitting too high or your neck is bowed, this can severely limit your playing and skill progression. Without paying for a full setup, we'll make sure your action is as good as can be.

Not sure what strings are best for you? We carry a range of affordable and premium options that we can recommend for your style or skill level.

Following a restring, it's good to give your new strings a stretch so they don't detune. We'll take care of this for you so you don't break any new strings!

We can work around your schedule and most appointments won't take longer than 30 minutes.

Setups, Repairs, & Modifications:

Want to give your instrument the full treatment? A proper setup is essential for any new guitar, or if you're changing tuning or string gauge. The following three services and more are included.

Ever wonder why some notes or chords still sound off even though you've just tuned your instrument? We'll fix your intonation so your whole fretboard is in tune.

Especially important for new guitars, your saddle out of the box will often be far too tall, and will need to be shaved down for an optimal action. Similarly, your nut slots may also need adjusting to ensure correct string height.

Frets buzzing or just feeling gritty under the fingers? This service can be extremely important for both the feel and sound of your instrument.

Noisy output jacks or crackly pots can be annoying. If something's not sounding right when you plug in, get in touch about a repair.

Upgrading your pickups can be one of the best improvements you can make to the sound of your guitar. We can also provide recommendations for your budget and preferences.